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Posts from 2022

  • Leaving Against Medical Advice: Can You Walk Out? When you are sick enough to be in the emergency room or if you have been admitted to the hospital you are not looking for additional problems. But what happens if things aren’t going well? What if unforeseen circumstances arise that make you decide to leave the hospital ... Continue Reading
  • Standard Bathroom Grab Bar Heights The bathroom can be a dangerous place where seniors are prone to slips and falls. Adding grab bars inside the shower, along the bathtub, and beside the toilet area can keep the area safe for your loved one. But where should toilet grab bars be placed? What is the standard ... Continue Reading
  • Can Antibiotics Make You Tired? Antibiotics are prescribed to treat infections. They kill harmful bacteria that cause issues like urinary tract infections, sinus infections, skin infections, and pneumonia, among others. Like all medications, antibiotics may cause some side effects of which you should be ... Continue Reading
  • How Long Do You Have to File Probate After Death? Dealing with the death of a loved one has its own share of struggles emotionally. Unfortunately, there are also monetary things to worry about such as the probate process. This process ensures the deceased’s assets go to the proper people. Additionally, it ensures that any ... Continue Reading
  • How to Deal with Narcissistic Parents Aging Narcissism is defined as a disorder in which a person has a conflated sense of self-importance. Those who struggle with narcissism generally display selfishness, a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and an inability to handle criticism. Based on this definition, you ... Continue Reading
  • Side Effects of Blood Thinners in Elderly Adults Blood thinners, or anticoagulants, are helpful in prolonging the amount of time it takes for your body to form a blood clot. However, they also come with side effects, such as bleeding. That is why it is important to keep it under control. One may wonder, “How do I stop ... Continue Reading
  • How to Find Out if Someone has a Will The death of a loved one is always a challenging time. Not knowing whether or not your loved one has a will can make that time even more difficult. But how do you find out if someone has a will? Ideally, the answer to “how to find out if someone has a will” would be to just ... Continue Reading
  • Home Remedies for Bed Sores in Seniors and the Elderly Bed sores — also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers — occur due to prolonged pressure, such as sitting or lying in the same position for a long time. These painful injuries can lead to several health problems, which may require medical attention. You may be wondering ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Bleeding Years After a Hysterectomy? Women who have had a hysterectomy can sometimes experience bleeding years after the surgery was performed. Why would a woman bleed if she had a hysterectomy or why would she experience spotting years after a hysterectomy? There can be several reasons for bleeding after a ... Continue Reading
  • Does Power of Attorney End at Death? This is an important question that comes up after the death of a loved one. Before we determine what happens to a power of attorney (POA) after death, we must establish exactly what a power of attorney is, how it works, and who can override the power of attorney. Power of ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of Concussion in Elderly Adults Each year, about one-quarter of all seniors experience a fall. While many will get up relatively unscathed, others will suffer severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries related to concussions. Because seniors often never mention they’ve taken a fall, certain ... Continue Reading