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Most Recent Posts from August, 2015

  • Keeping a Marriage Together While Caring for Family Elders

    Raising a family is stressful. Caregiving for an older parent or grandparent is stressful; and when you throw in a major health crisis, schedules unravel, emotions become strained, and tempers flare. ... Read More
  • The Best Road Trips to Take with Senior Parents

    The best road trips aren’t only about the destination, it’s also the quality time you spend laughing, sharing, and creating memories. This favorite American pastime doesn’t have to end now that you ... Read More
  • Social Media-Savvy Seniors On the Rise

    When most of us think of social media, we think almost exclusively of young people. If you’re a businessperson, you might think of digital marketing, but you still see young people doing it. Would it ... Read More
  • The Real Story: Why Gardening is Great For Seniors

    Gardening is one of those activities often recommended to and associated with older adults. But is there actual science behind why it might be beneficial, or do we only associate seniors with ... Read More