Halal-Friendly Chocolate

In order to better cater to our dear Muslim chocolate lovers, we have specially created this page for your convenience. All products listed here are halal-friendly. In other words, there is no pork nor alcohol in any of the chocolate treats, and they are all produced in facilities that do not associate with nor handle any pork or alcohol. 

Hello Chocolate brings in the best chocolates from around the world. In this light, the reason why the chocolate brands do not have a halal certification could either be that a halal certification is not required/mandated by the country of production or even unavailable. Further since many of these brands are smaller craft chocolate makers, the cost of a halal certification, if at all available, may have been relatively much for them to bear.

Now, you can be rest assured that you are getting chocolates that you, your dearly beloved Muslim families, and your friends will enjoy.

Milk Chocolate - Friis-Holm Organic, Nicaragua, 50% On sale
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Dark Chocolate  - Pralus Coffee Tablet | Chocolate Free Delivery On sale
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White Chocolate - Omnom Liquorice & Raspberry |  Chocolate Delivery Singapore On sale
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Nina - No-Sugar Dark Chocolate - Peru 100% On sale
Dark Chocolate Couverture - Cru Virunga | Baking Chockolate On sale
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Pralus - Dark Chocolate - Bresil 75% On sale
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Pralus - Dark Chocolate - Bresil 75%

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Pralus Chocolate - Barre Infernale Brut de Plantation |  Bean-to-bar Chocolate On sale
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Dark Chocolate - El Castillero | Best Chocolate Online On sale
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Dark Chocolate - Bonnat Madre De Dios | Hellochocolate On sale
White Chocolate - White Almond 34% | Ocelot On sale
Dark Chocolate - Blood Orange 70% | Ocelot On sale
Original Beans - Dark Chocolate - Zoque 88% On sale
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